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Equipment: Cooling Towers
Equipment Type: Refrigeration Plant -> Cooling Tower
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Description: Cooling Towers Backed by sophisticated technology and engineering expertise, we manufacture premium grade cooling towers, that comply to international quality standards. These towers are available with sturdy FRP body to withstand corrosive environment. Based on Tons of Refrigeration (TR) ion, these can be fabricated as per client''''s specific requirements. Salient Features: • Compact and light weight • Corrosion & weather resistant • Induced draft counter flow designs • Direct driven axial fans • Uniform stationery type water distribution system • Honey comb type PVC fills with large surface area with negligible resistance to air flow • Maintenance down time is very low due to inspection window • Trouble Free Operation • Easy Installation Application Areas: • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration • Induction Furnaces • Process Cooling • D. G. Sets • Plastic Moulding Machine • Screw/Air Compressors Technical Specifications: • Cooling capacity : 15 LPM • Water inlet temperature : 97.5°F • Water outlet temperature : 90°F • Ambient bulb temperature : 83°F
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